Saturday, December 31, 2011

NOW is in KNOW

While out walking on this last day of 2011 I thought about what sentiment I might share with friends in reference to the new year. My thinking has changed quite a bit over months of reading and pondering, which led to several epiphanies and insights.
Reuniting electronically with people from the distant past can be a tricky business and so I considered posting this: "Let go of whom you knew and know them now." Do people have the inclination, the time, the energy, even the ability to acknowledge that we are ever changing, growing throughout life?
I wonder about this, but I don't dwell on it. Everything is fleeting. Just like the clouds that parted only briefly for me to get this shot, time, desire, disappointment, frustration all flow over us, concealing who we really are. I hope more of us will make time to be present in the now of 2012, to know ourselves and to show compassion to ourselves, as well as to others.