Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Ripe moment

Seizing the day to
Another change, we
On a little spice, sowing
New seeing-ways.

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Beth Banchero said...

Yes, yes, this is great! I had a way to show a "new-seeing way" through a random act of kindness. A last minute Christmas gift to a coworker- only the second I gave out. I blessed "Kim" with two remaining gift cards I'd won in a raffled gift basket, for $40 in GCs for Total Wine. The other was to my lead, Chanthey Nop ( like "hop" (Cambodian), I put a chocolzate bar, a candy cane and pack of Double Mint gum in her Christmas bag, accompanying card with salutations. Her eyes look like angel's eyes. Anyway, Kim is very deserving and she is not alergic to wine. There are several ladies at work I feel a kinship with, but not these two. Keep up the great acrostics! Please- they are fantastic!