Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Meeting in the library

Jest or no, this
Unusual sight is telling of the
Xenophobic plight of
This world; when
Armies back
Parochial views, the
Outcome is a nation
Suffused with
Intolerance of free-
Thinking citizens. Some see
It as a kind
Of patriotism. Does it
Not join totalitarianism?

A children’s non-fiction collection just happened to end up this way, with books on military juxtaposed to those on religion. It got me thinking about all the wars throughout the history of our so-called civilized world. Is it indeed civilized when governments force their people to think in a particular way? That they disallow questions? That they conflate church and state? I hope our education system will continue to emphasize the importance of critical thinking, of empowering students, of encouraging resilience. 

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